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The Underground V.2


My main men, and why they pull at my heart strings...


Name: Jeff Hardy
Why?: He is the most talented athelete in the ring. His music, and poetry (emoetry), captivates and stuns. Plus, he is drop dead sexy!!


Name: Jesse James
Why?: A total rebel who loves working with cars, and bikes. His sarcastic humor, and dangerous looks really makes the female motor run.


Name: Steve Watson
Why?: On TV's Monster house, he is boss. His favorite part of the building process, is actually demolishing. Who wouldn't fall for this hunk weilding a sledgehammer?


Name: Dave Navarro
Why?: All I can say is damn Carmen Electra for taking him off the market! He plays guitar... What's more to say?


Name: Johnny Depp
Why?: Who hasn't fallen for him at one time or another? And what makes him especially gorgeous in this picture is definately the guitar and lazy smile...*dreamy sigh*