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The Underground V.2


Her Story
She stares into the mirror
Almost ashamed of what she sees
Hair dangling in her eyes and face
Dark rings and black eyeliner
Find their mark underneath her brown eyes
Eyes that once told a story
Of a happy young girl
Now are blank like a canvas
She casts her eyes down to the sink
Soft white porclain a sharp contrast to her skin
Her black clothing and make-up
Do not hide what is lying within her
She is an angry, lost, terrified young woman
Brewing openly with pain and hatred
Hatred from being abandoned when she needed him most
Pain for everytime he hasn't cared
Everytime they haven't listened to her
But now she refuses to hear them
The voices in her head hollar loud enough everyday
She hides behind her depressing music
And friend that constantly mistreat her
She doesn't care anymore
She has all that she needs
Pencil, paper, mind, and emotions
She has thought of suicide but can never commit
She has thought of running away but has no where to go
She has tried to battle the shadows
But they have pinned her, attacking from behind and in front
She has nowhere to turn
She bids herself awake from her daydream
She casts her eyes back to her depressive reflection
And now empty tears drip from behind her eyes
The combine with her black make-up
They make fake black tears
But they are real with significance
To her these are stained on her pillow
From constant nights of sobbing
The color stained on her fingertips
So she could prove her rebellion
Like the demons she constantly faces
As they lurk in the shadows of her past
Like the storm clouds waiting for her
Everytime she's thought its all turned around
Like the cold empty lonesome stone her heart has become...
Trimmings places upon the christmas tree
Along with broken hearts and memories of you and me
Music of carols long since past
Combined with lyrics of loves that didnt last
Crystal like snow falling outside my door
Is this it for us or is there something more?
Icing and goods places upon holiday treats
Is this where our road ends, or where ours meet?
Childrens faces light and cheeks have a rosey glow
But I'm left to find out what made you go
There's cheer to go around and spirit does not lack
Will we stay apart, or will you come back?
As parents beam with pride from the happiness they give
I wonder if this is the way I want to live