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The Underground V.2

Jeff Hardy Emoetry

Inspirational Emoetry From Jeff Hardy


4AM Ramblings
Sippin' at my drink on lunch.
Hawaiin Fruit Punch.
Waitin' on the buzzer cue.
Work to do.

A Lot In Common

You're beautiful...but strange...So am I.
You're smart...but still slow...So am I.
You're impatient...but fast...So am I.
You're tired...but still last...So do I.
You're hot...but still cold...So am I.
You're established...but not old...So am I.
You're waiting...but happy...So am I.
You're leaving...but staying...So am I.
You're amazing...but weird...So am I.
You're yourself...but still feared...So am I.
We both want to be...A forever seen star.
I have to say...a lot in common is what we are.

Empty Tank

Here I am again...tired from not sleeping...Sad from not loving.
I feel miserable on this plane...Here on this earth.
I've done it again...I stayed out all night.
I feel it again...I dred this flight.
Because I'm sick...Sick of being owned...
I write because I'm sick...Sick of being known.
If I was normal...Would she like me the same?
If I was just a stock boy...Would she still enjoy my name?
I'd like to think she does and would...I believe in her and believe in me she should.
I'm gonna lean my head against this window...Close my eyes and go to sleep.
I'll wake up in the next town...With thoughts beyond deep.
The days will go by as I will just act.
As the days go by I can only look back...At the good times...the fun.
At the bad times...the fun.
I wonder if she misses me as much as I miss her...I wonder if she waits to see me...I wonder if she waits?
I'd like to think she did and would...I believe in her and believe in me she should.
My heart is so curious...My mind is so blank...Without you I'm lost...
I am an empty tank.

If They Remember

When they look out through the clouds
When they look out through the sky
Does a normal person look?
Is it normal people that cry?

When they look out through the night
When they look out through the stars
Does a normal person wonder?
About life behind bars?

When they look out through the ocean
When they look out through the sea
Does a normal person react?
Like I would if it were me?

When they think about Heaven
When they think about Hell
Does a normal person become scared?
Is it normal to sell?

These all deserve the question stamp
These all create an unpredictable ramp-----
There are so many other than me
So many differences that we all see.

But there are always opinions and there are always lies-----
So it's day by day until the body dies.
Who controls the soul, who leads the way?
Has it paid off?

Remembering to pray

If You're Lost For Words

If you're lost for words.....Become found for actions....
If you're lost in life...Become found with reactions....
Stop searching for who you are...and remember where it started....
You are a flight in motion...Soaring since departed...
Words are a puzzle that will never be completed.....?
Yours truly.... Jeff Hardy
Ours truly....this life

Impossible Of Me

Being who I am..........Is truly a gift of God!
Being who we are together..........Is truly a gift of love!

I hear that God loves us all
I hear that love can capture anyone's heart..........But separating the good from the bad Seems like an unwinnable game to me.

We can't just expect to be alike.
We can't just expect to get along.
All we can expect is the unexpected.
Things that will blow our minds!
Things that will take our souls!
Things that will make us happy..........Things that will make us sad..........These things are nothing we know.
Hell! They might not even exist!
If God and love have a lot in common, and all these people take "belief" to the extreme, The impossible will be proven wrong.
The word impossible will never function again!


Inside a bubble...that somebody blew...I am the wall that you see through.
Away from space...I'm trapped inside...There is no room to hide.
Inside a star...that everybody sees...They see the sparkle but can't see me.
Away from land...I'm trapped inside...I'm sorry I did it...sorry I lied.
Inside a song...that nobodyhears...It's only me...wet from tears.
Away from grace...I'm trapped inside...I'm floating away to the other side.
Inside a world... that you created...I've left this world...myself has faded.
Away from love...I'm trapped inside...I'm held from body's died.
Inside my soul...that you reach through...I am the ghost that stays with you.
Away from them...I watch you sleep...I visit your peace so deep.
Inside a bubble...that somebody blew...I am your angel...That somebody is you.
Hide away...Fly away...Insideaway.

Inspired By Feeling

Was he nervous or was he scared?
Was she wiling or was she dared?
Or is it a feeling that we can't explain..........Maybe a feeling..........exchanged for pain..........
Is this the answer or is this the clue?
Would she, asked the question..........?
Would she control you?
If it's just a feeling that may soon pass..........It could become the feeling that seems to last.
How could we be different if we didn't even know..........The facts of life upon us..........the facts of life that grow.
Could it be the feeling that we once remembered well-----
Or could it be the feeling.........."You know, exciting mail?"
I can't believe I live here..........each and every day.
Wondering what's next..........especially what to say.
I think it's a feeling of love and jealously..........I feel it is the feeling that takes control of me-----
So, were you nervous or was it a scare?
Together we were willing-----
And forever, I still care.
Yes it is that feeling of joy, a happiness.
That feeling we all wish please let me possess..........and if you're really out there-----
then I will pray to feel-----
Your love and be your witness..........Thank God! This feeling is real.

It Made No Sense

It was like leather sticks with mushroom coating.
Like cow tongue licks with weather side roaming.
A naked watch that was watching me.
A lever to pull that grew like a tree.
Slowly but surely the muscles were fat.
Uplifting but low...the owner was a rat.
Sold to the corner where the slobber sets in.
It's wet and smells bad like a few.....of our friends.
It was like a condom...
That was made out of stone. A cracker of wisdom that was so damn old.
Like crows it was...
Washed with no rinse.
Like me it was...
It made no sense.

Nothing Said

It happened again...
I said hello and I heard no hey.
It's happened again...
There's nothing to say.
Maybe the old man thought I was
Stupid, ignorant, mad, or insane.
Maybe the old man didn't want
Me on this plane.
Who really knows?
Who really cares?
Who really studies?
Who just stares?
At freaks like people like you
At old men like sickness that grew
The old man might not have hated me....
He might just have said...
"I don't know about this boy...
He looks messed up in the head."

Our Respect----- We Should Send to Her

She died today.
I'm not sure why?
She left us this way.
I'm not sure again?

I thought of nonsense yesterday..........
I think of serious feelings right now.
It's words like..........
Died, Killed, Hurt, and Murdered..........
That jump start our emotions for a single moment at a time..........
At a time: meaning they don't last, one day at a time becomes the unsatisfied past.

She died today.
And yet we still laugh!
She left us this way.
And yet we still complain!

Even though we didn't know her, Even though we didn't see her,
We don't have to act as if we never talked to her.
She was one of us, we are one of her, she should be remembered..........our respect we should send to her.

Overseen and Heard

He said,
"I'm sorry sir, it's just the law."
The response was----
"Damn, I've been smoking in here all day!"
Then he said,
"Well, just goes somewhere else then I won't be able to see you (in a very nervous type of voice
that explains why he said goes instead of go) ----The smoker then put out his cigarette and said,
"Fuck it!"

This security man was now somewhat shaken up because he did his job and then he felt bad
when the peson smoking was so cruel. It was like he thought, somewhere, deep down, this
smoker was a better person than him just because he is part of a million dollar organization.

This man's feeling at this time was very similar to a lot of others in this world. It's simply the
feeling of empyness that doesn't take but one sentence to accomplish. Fortunately, for this man,
the feeling will pass, but for some, it just hangs around and holds on until death is it's final prescription.

It's sad to believe that people can act so punkish and still believe that they are a good hand in
this world.

All the man had to say was,
"I've been smoking in here all day, but if it's the be it."
He could have basically been nicer is all I'm saying.
And a lot of people could be nicer, but they are not.
So maybe some people are born to be selfish jerks throughout life, especially successfull people.
I don't know, I'm not in the position to do anything anyway, so I can just be myself
and everyone else can stay the same.

Reaching In

Let's say your name was Reaching In...
Let's say you were given this power.
A power that made you super...
A power that made you more than me...
A power that nobody else could have...
A power that only you could see...
A vibe that only you could feel...
A move that only you could perform...
A card that only you could deal...
A cold heart that only you could make warmer.
Let's say your name was Reaching In...
Let's say you were given this choice.
A choice that made you think...
A choice that made you fit out...
A choice that made you scared...
A choice that made you doubt...
A bad that only you could make good...
A crime that only you could steal...
A scene that makes you wish you could...
A hurt that only you could heal.

Let's say you were given this power...
Let's ask?
Would you still be Reaching In?

Sound Asleep

Sitting on the porch...scared to ring the bell.
I wait for you to see me...I sit scared as hell.
Rocking in the chair...hoping the squeaks bring you near.
I wait for you to hear me...I'm alone so filled ....with fear.
Pacing on the hardwood...not knowing what to say.
When you see me pacing...when you make your way.
Laying on your welcome mat...not feeling very welcome.
I guess you're in there're so peaceful ...when you sleep.

Freezing on the cold but yet so sweet.
Your body's on the inside...I'd kill to feel your heat.
Dailing on my phone...the number of your phone.
I can't mash now I'm ...going home.
Walking towards my car...I'm down about myself.
Getting in my car...I want to kill myself.
You make me feel complete...At the same time I'm me.
I'm so always not complete...without you I'm ...never free.
Free from depressive states...of mind, body, and soul.
Free from sad days with from sad ...days alone.
Turning my ignition switch...bright lights start shining through
My eyes are blinded momentarily.....Holy Shit......It's you!

Sitting on the porch together...not worried about the bell.
We're looking in each other's eyes...
I'm no longer scared as hell.
This night will be a memory...
One that's sure to keep.
I didn't want to wake you...
I thought you were
Sound asleep.

The Amazing Telephone

So many people are talking on phones across the world.
So many don't even think about the amazing telephone.
You are so far away...but I can hear you just fine.
There is no face to face...
But I can see you in my mind.
Your voice is traveling beyond the word of speed.
My voice is reacting at the perfect time you need.
The phone is so amazing...I look at it and stare.
I wonder how you hear me...
I wonder why I care?
So many people are talking from Europe to Japan.
So many conversations between the U.S. and Iran.
So many people are talking...while they're all alone.
So many people are using...
The amazing telephone.

The Fans

I wonder if they hated me?
What was going through their mind?
I wonder if they loved me?
What was inspiring their sign?
I wonder if they felt me?
Like goosebumps through the skin?
I wonder if they watched me?
For that they can remember when?
I wonder if they boo'ed me?
Like a loser no one knew?
I wonder if they cheered for me?
Like a youngster that had grew?
I wonder if they cared for me?
Crashing down flat on my back..........
I wonder if they followed me?
Ever since the last attack..........
I wonder if they were lying?
When they said, "You suck!"
I wonder if they were crying?
When I was unable to duck.........
I wonder if they will be my fans?
Until I have to fold?
I wonder if they will remember?
As he grows old.

The People You're Creating

When the time is yours...
The time is gone.

When it feels so right...
It's on it's way to wrong.

When you love so much...
Can you always be sure?

That your love is a touch...
That your love is a cure?

When you feel as if you're hated...
Will you make it through?

This unpredictable life...
These unappreciated dues.

When you say what you feel...
Will they look at you and laugh?

When you know what you've learned...
Will they stab you in the back?

If you fall from where you're standing...
Will they try to make the save?

When you stand on what you're saying...
Will they listen as the road you pave?

When the time is yours...
The future's awaiting...

The person you become...
The people you're creating.

Today or When

Today I woke up with a hurting heart, but it wasn't from medical problems. It was from a
forgotten love of my past that painfully reentered my dreams.

During these dreams, I felt as if I were reborn. I felt the feeling of love again without a worry in
the world. It was she who made me happy, it was she who opened my heart and committed
murder to all my pain. However, this murder wasn't total death. The pain came back and it came back to stay.

Now it's infected and peroxide doesn't even maybe I'm not normal? I'll probably
never see her again in this life unless she continues to peacefully visit my dreams.

If she does, maybe one day I can stay, stay with her in another world, stay with her in another
time, stay with her by not waking least my heart will never hurt again!

To Live, To Believe

I can't truly say that I feel the pain of the paralyzed. However, I can truly say that I would do
anything to help heal a wounded heart. Not being able to move or control your body is one of the
scariest things known to me.

When I witness people trapped in these chairs created to travel, it takes my breath away and
stops my heart. Just knowing that there is a power as strong as a person living with everyday
stillness is an overwhelming inspiration to me. And should be to us all!

What can be done to let them walk again? What I wouldn't give to see them rise and stand.
Maybe one day an unnatural cure will come. Maybe one day the disadvantage will be conquered.
The growing confusion between happy and sad, bad and good, continues to react back and forth
in the minds of the committed victims.

So if the partying isn't enough, if the drugs and alcohol aren't enough,
shouldn't a paralyzed body set an example?

What If...Again?

What if you were that overweight person sitting in the corner, thinking everyone in the room has
looked at you at least once and had something negative to say?
What if you were one half of that elderly couple that was wanting so badly to be young again,
but were still so cool?
What if you were that patient laying in a hospital bed not knowing if you were going to live or
What if you had a chance to save somebody else's life, but you wussed out because you were
too worried about your own?
Put yourself in other people's worlds, experience the look through other people's eyes, learn the
territory, and make yourself at home. If you can truly understand and overcome this obstacle,
then maybe one day we will all be equal, maybe one day we will all agree on decisions,
maybe one day our worries won't be problems.
What if again?
Our journey begins

What I Want?

Another world..........
Is where I want to go!

Another life..........
Is what I want to show!

Another face..........
Is what I want to feel!

Another card..........
Is what I want to deal!

Another person..........
Is who I want to be!

Another lover..........
Is who I want to see!

Another hand..........
Is what I want to hold!

Another business..........
Is what I want to fold!

Another sickness..........
Is what I want to end!

Another straight line..........
Is what I want to bend!

Another power..........
Is what I want to have!

Another lucky number..........
Is what I want to grab!

Another time..........
I don't know what I want?


You comfort me better than any chair, bed, room, or house---
You amaze me more than any facts, stories, truths, or lies---
You enhance me more than any drug, drink, pill, or powder---
You predict me better than any parent, coach, counselor, or teacher---
You season me better than any salt, pepper, winter, or summer---
You entertain me more than any movie, show, song, or competition---
You control me better than any school, job, jail, or prison---
You love me more than any person, God, business, or existance---
In my existance..............Believe............I do
In our existance.............I live...........for you.


Dreamed you
Seen you
Met you
Knew you
Wanted you
Touched you
Done you
Loved you
Dreamed me
Seen me
Met me
Knew me
Wanted me
Touched me
Done me
Loved me
Dreamed us
Seen us
Met us
Knew us
Wanted us
Touched us
Done us
Loved us

Your Own Strange Eyes

Look into your own eyes...
Check into yourself.
Look into your own world...
Look without the help
Of people who try to change you...
Of people who try to hurt you.
The people that...try to make you.
Something you're not...
Something un-new.
Look into your own past...
Create the history
Of things you've done and things you're gonna do...
Of things you love and things you'll breakthrough.
The things that fit...
The descriptions of you
Are the things you need
To stand out in this zoo.
Look into......your mirror of lies.....
Look deep into.......
Your own strange eyes.


We fly inside as if we are never coming back.
We fly outside as if there were no tomorrow.
We think without thinking..........we rise!
We respond without responding..........we leave!
We live this life as if we are in death proof bodysuites.
We live this life as if we are in..........sane!
We starve without starving..........we continue!
We became without becoming..........we cherish!
We always expect the overwhelming unexpected.
We cry without crying..........we act!
We save without saving..........we pretend!
We run for you with thoughts of your life ending.
We provide without providing..........we wait!
We extend without extending..........we stay!
We are the choosen few who save your tomorrows.
We grow without growing..........we maintain!
We help without helping..........we are?
The ones who risk our birthdays for yours.
The ones who risk our existence for the world.
We follow the danger, where ever it goes.
We are the believers, we are.......... Heroes.

Happy Life

When white fades to black,
When light provides the view,
What's wet will turn dry,
When rain falls continue,
I may not continue.
My happy place is in you,
I hope to continue,
this Happy Life we live.
What's yours will fade to mine,
When love provides the income.
What's mine will turn to yours.....
All of it and then some
We may not continue...
My happy place is in you.
We will continue....
This Happy Life we live

Myself In my Life

I look at the clouds during the day and see other worlds.
I soar through them much like I would a ghost.
Through me, I feel my mother
Expresses things she never got to.
In mother is still alive. She is with me in every
match I wrestle, every day I live, every breath I breathe.
I owe my mother my life...her soul has it.