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Speak Out

Cloudy sky
About to rain
Only happy when it rains

Sky is dark
Like my mood,
Going through my depression...
~Leash and Collar~
Put that leash away
I'm not walking with you today
I don't like being led around by you and what you say
So take this leash and this collar off of me
You NO longer control me!
You NO longer possess me!
Take your grip off of me!

I'm a big girl now I can handle my-self
I have a long road ahead of me and I can walk my-self!

I DON'T need you to tell me what to do!
I DON'T need your abuse!
I DON'T need the heartach!

As I walk on this short leash...
All I NEED is love, to feel Important
Just talk this leash and collar of me
Let me wonder free.

I NEED sometime alone
I NEED some open space
Some freash air to breath
Some open fields to run...
All comands that you tell me!
I am NO dog!
I AM human!
~Sea of Hate~
All we see is red
The color of anger, the color of hate.
It's the color of blood that we see in the streets.
From the stupid people that pull the triger at anothers head
Hate is all we know, all we see, all we hear.
Nobody needs all this hate
No one needs to Discriminate
And there's all these wars and fights ,because ONE person doesn't like the way the other dresses, looks, sexuality, or religion
So we solve it with hate and bloodshed
Will this hate ever end?
NO! We teach it to our children
The cyclr Never ends we will all ways hate,
No matter how much diffrence you think you'll make, someone allways says something, for stupid ass reasons!
I hate living in this Sea of Hate
But it's just like I said All we know is HATE...
Rain Rain go away I don't need these tears today
hurt and Abused
Mind, body, Heart torn in 2
Rain Rain go away come again another day
Shaking and Crying
Bruised and Beaten
Rain Rain go away I don't need these tears today
Fears and Screaming
Howling through my mind
Rain Rain go away come again another day
You pushed me to far
I'm getting even
Knife in hand
See you sleeping
Rain Rain go away I don't need these tears today
Your blood on my hands, on my face
Hearing you're screams...
How does it feel !?
Stuck in the Asylum
Locked away
Rain Rain go away come again another day
Rain Rain go away I don't need these Fears today
ok these 2 poems are about the same 2 people but in their point of views
~Just Friends...~
I know what you've been through
And I understand you
And when you're sad
And when you're mad
I try my best to make you laugh
Make you feel better

I want to hold you, keep you warm
I'll protcet you
I'll defend you
Hold you in my arms

I hold a grudge against
those who did you wrong
But you are safe with me

I'll protcet you
I'll defend you
Though you don't know
I love you
But you say we're just friends...

Being harassed day to day
Makes me want to die
I've found my Haven in you
From those Heinous acts

I was in grave danger
But I've found my Haven
In you
Away from all the evil
Away from all the Danger
You make me feel alive

When you're not around
I hide
Scared of all the things that hurt

When my heart becomes worn out with use
From all the hurt and Abuse
You seem to make things better
When you talk to me and hold me close to you
You've mended me up and I'm greatful
I just hope you're not a Hallucination...
~no sense~
Sitting in class
see through glass
Wanting to sleep
but the hills are steep
up is down
down is up
dogs meowing
cats barking
Satin Satan
Secretive God
Loves are doves
and it doesn't make sense...
Black rainbows
days are nights
nights are days
people killing each other
for reasons unknown
girls being raped
screaming for help
but no one cares
they live their life's like nothing happened
and it doesn't make sense...
living in a world that cares about nothing but it's self
but who am i to say whats right and wrong?
no one wants to listen to a "kid"
no one wants to know the truth
no one wants to get involved
none of this makes sense...

~She Hates Her LIfe~
Shes made fun of
No one knows how she feels
She hides it away
She doesn't want them to know
She wont cry infront of them
She hates her life
She hates you all
Frusterated and depressed
What to do? What to do?
She pulls a gun out of the drawer
Cleans it, makes it look brand-new
puts the bullets in one by one
She puts the gun up to her head
Crys and says she's sorry for who she was
You made her feel she wasn't loved,
Wasn't cared for
And She hates her life
She hates you all
For the tourcher and abuse
You hated her for who she was
For what she was
You didn't give a shit what would happen to her!
She'd lay awake crying
crying her self to sleep
From what you did and said
She hates her life
She hates you all
She fears her life day to day
Afraid of you
and what you'll say
She has to run away
She hates her life
She hates you all
She sleeps soundly in her grave
Nothing to fear anymore
Eternaly asleep
YOu never knew her
You never cared
YOu feel guilty at the way you treated her
She hated her life
She hated you all