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Artwork from one of my best friends

First Draft Twitch

Bill The DeathBringer
This was Drawn after watching MontyPython and the Holy Grail(Tim the Enchanter)

What Is Wrong

What the fuck is wrong with me
What the fuck is wrong with this shit
Why can't I get anything
Everything I want is so damn far

Why is it that all I want
Is always so damn close
Yet is always taken away
My life is always been empty

All I every wanted
All I ever sought for
is taken away


All I want is love
Too much to ask for 15?
I don't care
I am empty

Stare into this empty soul
Im one big whole
All I ever want is taken away
All I ever loved is lost


I fuckin hate my lost love
I fuckin hate my lost emotions
I fuckin hate you
I fuckin hate this shit


I know I don't need this shit
But I want it in my life
Im so insecure
Hate me cuz I hate you


What is wrong
Why isn't happiness
On my side
What is wrong.(fade)
Written By Twitch (David Rodriguez)